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BC Mortgage Calculator

Helping BC Borrowers Make Great Mortgage Decisions.

How can mortgage calculators help with your borrowing decisions?

Find out quickly and easily:

‘How much can I afford?’

‘What are my monthly payments?’

‘How much is the Property Transfer Tax?’

We help you get the answers you need to make great mortgage decisions.



BC Mortgage Calculator

A number of important factors are used to estimate what your mortgage payments will be. For a purchase:

the total mortgage amount, being the purchase price of the home, minus the down payment, plus mortgage insurance if applicable), the amortization period (the number of years the mortgage payments will be spread across), and the mortgage rate (the rate of interest paid on the mortgage).

To use the mortgage payment calculator:

enter the purchase price

select your amortization period

mortgage rate.


You can also see what your approximate ‘closing costs’ will be, including land transfer tax, legal fees, and title insurance. There can be additional closing costs including net property taxes, if already paid by the seller, net strata fees if already paid by the seller, and a few others.  Its always best to speak to your conveyancer about that directly.  We have a  list of great conveyancers; lawyers and notaries, listed by area here.